In 2001 Records On Tap was the label created for The Last Call debut CD" Out Of Ideas" which was
released in 2002. Its a very small label and the goal has always been to help and support various
local bands and non-local bands, from putting bands on compilations, helping to book shows and
everything falls in between. I’m always open to hearing new bands. This is Punk based label !! You
can contact us here or on our
facebook page!

Over the past 10 years  a couple compilations have been released One a 21 band local comp and the
other a 35 band comp and 1 split CD,  In addition to those some old demos from local bands have
been put out in small quantities on the "We Have re-Issues" series. There has also been 3 split label
releases with Bitch Slap Records. More releases will be out soon mostly in small quantities since the
CD format is slowly dying off and everything goes digital.

I have decided to start small distribution/mail order more stuff will be added to the page.

I also make buttons check out the quick link on the side of the page.
SINCE 2001